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Students are required to register officially during the registration phase each semester. Students should adhere to the guidelines of the Registration guide issued from the Office of the Registrar. They are expected to consult the respective advisors regarding the selection of courses. In order to prepare the students well in advance for the registration process the registration period is specifically marked in the academic calendar. As delay in registration would negatively affect the functioning of the system, late registration is not at all appreciated. Nevertheless, genuine cases will be considered and delayed Registration will be permitted, but they will be charged a late registration fee.

Orientation Program
Orientation Program is the process through which a new student is comfortably introduced and assimilated into the main flux of the University. Each university has its own ways of familiarizing new students with its specific regulations and lifestyle on campus. The Office of Student Affairs introduces university life through campus tours and visits, meetings, lectures, demonstrations and other activities, which prolong for a week. Orientation is a mandatory program for all new students.

Late Registration 
Dates such as admission deadline, examinations, etc shall be posted prior to the beginning of each semester. It is the student’s responsibility to adhere to these dates and keep himself/herself informed about it. A delay in registration subjects the student to a late fee. Students will be denied attendance to a course if five class days have been completed.

Registration Procedures
Prior to the registration period, a registration guide shall be made available to the students by the Office of the Registrar. The guide contains extensive information and details on the steps required for registration. The guide will be updated regularly with courses being offered; students are required to refer to the guide in preparation for registration and meeting with the academic advisor.
Registration involves three main steps:

  •  Advisement
  •  Selection and registration of courses
  •  Tuition fees Payment

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