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International Education

Emirates International University offers students the opportunity to study abroad at other institutions and gain full EIU course credit.

  •  Student must have completed at least 59 credits (junior standing) of undergraduate courses in residence at Emirates International  University.
  •  All study abroad coursework must be pre-approved by the student’s advisor prior to taking the course; otherwise the student cannot be assured their  coursework will count towards their Honors college core, concentration or other requirements.
  •  Upon successful completion of an approved foreign program of study, credit will be granted towards graduation for all appropriate courses taken on EIU affiliated or approved programs. 
  •  Credit is allowed for classes satisfactorily completed at another Institution with a grade of "C" or better.
  •  The credit hours of the courses to be transferred should be equivalent to those offered by EIU.
  •  Course contents covered must also be equivalent to the course contents offered in EIU for any program of study.
  •  Transfer grades are not calculated in a student's cumulative grade point average at EIU.
  •  Students may transfer a maximum of 15 credit hours toward their degree under study abroad program
  •  Students are required to maintain full time enrollment, attend class regularly and comply with all program regulations and individual course requirements in any   program they choose.  Students who leave the program before it is officially over will not receive credit for their work.
  •  Students who enroll in a study abroad program need to ensure that the transcript for coursework taken abroad is sent to EIU.


 Interested students must submit a Study Abroad Program form available at the Office of the Registrar.

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