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Research Services

Emirates International University is well positioned to pursue an innovative applied research agenda that is in complete alignment with its mission statement and fundamental values. EIU will build a number of Research Centres of Excellence that will foster excellence in discipline-based research nationally, regionally and internationally.


This is a joint research initiative to be implemented in close collaboration with partner research laboratories from different Universities around the world. Our success will be measured by the achievement of the following objectives.


  • We will develop collaboration with government institutions, industry and other stakeholders to engage in research activities that have direct impact on the Yemen economy and society.  
  • We will engage students at the undergraduate level into research to gain broader knowledge and good understanding of the major cross-disciplinary aspects of their education.  
  • We will provide a research environment to its faculty and students to remain research active and competitive.
  • We will regularly organize International Conferences and Workshops to serve as forums for researchers and practitioners to exchange, present and discuss their work, as well as to expand knowledge and to encourage research initiatives among our University's community.



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