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Admission Requirements

Policy on Admission

The University admits only students whose interests and capabilities are consistent with the purpose of the institution and the program goals, with records which predict the applicant’s ability to make satisfactory progress at the institution.

Students are offered admission irrespective of their national origin, color, gender, disability or religion to all the rights, privileges and programs offered by the University.  Students seeking admission at undergraduate level should have completed their High School successfully and should have secured the respective certificate with the required percentage for the program that they select to pursue.

All undergraduate degree-seeking applicants are required to submit official secondary school academic transcripts, mark sheets, and/or certificates. Applicants who have attempted post-secondary studies must also submit official academic transcripts, mark sheets, and/or certificates from each post-secondary school attended regardless of whether they have earned credit or seek transfer credit. All academic records not in English or Arabic must be accompanied by certified English translations.

Students are granted admission for a specific semester for which they apply and if they by any reason fail to join the university that Semester their right for admission Will be nullified and they will have to follow a new admission procedure the next semester unless otherwise advised by the university.

Regular attendance and participation are required from all students at all class meetings, lectures, laboratory sessions and seminars. Students are not permitted to pursue degrees through correspondence or by merely passing university examinations. 

The language of instruction throughout the Degree program is English; proficiency in English language both oral and written is a decisive factor in determining the success of the student in the University.


Policy on Discretionary Authority

The University reserves the right, in every case, to reject any applicant whose records do not indicate potential success, notwithstanding the completion of other requirements.

The University reserves the right, in every case, to reject any applicant who falsifies information submitted for admission or used to determine admissibility to the institution, and to deny readmission to any former student who has falsified documents or used a the University official’s signature inappropriately for personal benefit or gain.

The Office of Admissions is responsible for admitting students to all divisions of the university.


General Admission Requirements

Every applicant is required to submit the following documents:

  1. An application for admission. Every item on the application must be completed.
  2. An official secondary school certificate certified by the appropriate authorities.
  3. Official grader reports from the last three secondary school years certified by the appropriate authorities.
  4. Four recent passport-size photographs.
  5. A photocopy of the applicant’s passport.
  6. A non-refundable application fee.
  7. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score, if available at the time of applying.
  8. The appropriate documents for the type of admission sought (early, regular or transfer).

Applicants must obtain a score of at least 173 on the Computer-Based TOEFL (CBT) or 61 on the Internet-Based TOEFL (IBT) in order to be admitted to EIU programs. Scores are only valid for two calendar years. Students who score below the minimum requirement but who otherwise meet University admission standards may be admitted to the Intensive English Program (IEP) at EIU upon meeting the minimum required IEP placement test. They must study for at least one semester in IEP and score the required 173 CBT/61 iBT on TOEFL to be eligible to matriculate into their chosen field of study.


Application Procedure

To apply to Emirates International University, students should complete and make sure that the application forms and all other items listed below reach the Office of Admission by the required deadlines:

  • A completed Application Form. (Application forms can be obtained from the Registration Office)
  • A recognized Secondary School certificate, certified Secondary School grades, or University transcript (for transfer students only)
  • A copy of passport valid for a minimum period of six months.
  • Four recent passport-size photographs.


Admission as a Transfer Student

A student wishing to transfer to Emirates International University, from other institutions must submit an official transcript demonstrating that he/she has completed satisfactory work at an accredited institution.  Decision about admission will be according to the following rules:

1.    The Secondary school degree is recognized by The Ministry of Higher Education.

2.    They are in good academic standing (i.e., not on probation or dismissed from the institution from which they are transferring). The required minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) depends on the institution the applicant is transferring from.

3.    They are transferring from a recognized and accredited institution of higher education offering learning experiences equivalent to those offered at EIU  and have successfully completed one or more semesters in that institution.

4.    That prior to their admission to the institution, from which they are transferring, they had met the requirements of admission to Emirates International University.

5.    That student requires minimum GPA of 2.0 on a scale of 4 or its equivalent.

6.    Student has to earn at EIU at least 50% of the total credit required for that degree.

7.    Credit is allowed for classes satisfactorily completed with a grade of "C" or better.

8.    The credit hours of the courses to be transferred should be equivalent to those offered by the University.

9.    Course contents covered must also be equivalent to the course contents offered in the University, for any program of study.

10. Students may transfer a maximum of 60 credit hours toward their degree.

11. They pay a non-refundable credit transfer evaluation fee. However, this fee is deductible from tuition once the applicant joins.

Courses identified as equivalent in content and level to the University courses will be transferred as the equivalent course. Other appropriate university-level courses may be transferred as free electives or as unassigned courses in the relevant area of the general university requirements. The decision regarding credits awarded is made solely by the appropriate academic division dean/chairperson at Emirates International University. Transcripts will be evaluated once only. Transfer students must complete their transfer file and be awarded transfer credits before the end of their first semester.


Non-Degree Admission

The University provides an opportunity to enroll in credit courses without being admitted to a degree program.

Students who wish to take only one or two courses for personal enrichment, or who wish to take a limited amount of course work to explore the possibility of entering a degree program, may choose to apply and register as non-degree students.  To be considered for admission, an applicant must meet the same minimum admission criteria established for regular admission and must submit a regular student application with all the required documents to the Office of Admissions on the dates assigned for regular full-time students


Non-degree students may register during the open registration period. Registration as a non-degree student does not imply future admission as a degree-seeking student. Applicants must complete a degree application in order to be considered for admission into a degree program.


The Offer of Admission

An offer of admission is valid only for the semester for which the student applies.  If an applicant is granted admission for a certain semester and for some reason fails to register to that semester, the applicant may request, in writing, deferring admission for the following semester only. Admission consideration for the following semester will depend on available seats and the applicable admission criteria.

The university reserves the right to withdraw offers of admission if applicants fail to satisfy all requirements or if it is determined that admission was obtained through the use of falsified, altered, or embellished information. In the instance of withdrawal of admission from a matriculated student, credit earned at Mason may be withheld.


Admission Deposit

All admitted students, regardless of the criteria, are required to pay a seat reservation deposit and a residential hall room reservation deposit (if applicable). Both deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable to others and must be paid before the established deadline indicated in the letter of admission. These deposits are deductible from the student’s bill once the applicant joins the University. If a student requests to defer admission to the following semester and the request is approved, both deposits will be applied to the following semester’s invoice.


Visiting Student Admission

Students who are registered at other post-secondary institutions may attend EIU with the permission of their institution. Applicants must submit an Application Form and the original visiting student letter from the Registrar of the institution at which they are registered. Official transcripts are required to illustrate the completion of prerequisite courses or fulfillment of the English Language Requirement.

Students in visiting status may not accumulate more than 30 semester hours at the University. If a student has accumulated 30 semester hours of credit and wishes to continue enrollment at Emirates International University, he/she must apply to the University as a degree-seeking student and satisfy appropriate criteria. Continued enrollment will not be permitted until the student satisfies admission criteria.


Applicants with Disabilities

Depending on available facilities, the university provides special services to applicants with certain disabilities. Those who have special needs are requested to contact the Office of Undergraduate Programs. This information will be treated confidentially.


Recognized Secondary School Certificates

The University recognizes secondary school certificates awarded by ministries of education and by private secondary schools that are recognized by their host country. The university also accepts certificates awarded by recognized qualification authorities, and national and international boards. Some countries award two levels of secondary school certificates. In this case, the university recognizes the higher certificate.


First: Yemen’s General Secondary Education Certificate (GSEC) or equivalent

Students who completed their secondary education according to Yemeni educational system: The Yemen’s General Secondary Education Certificate (GSEC) or equivalent, with a minimum average of 50%, taking into consideration that due to special requirements of certain specializations and the competition among students, this average is not a guarantee of admission. 

Admission of holders of the different streams of Yemen GSEC or equivalent will be treated as follows:



Science Stream: acceptable in all programs.

Arts stream: acceptable in the humanities and social sciences, education, arts, and administrative sciences programs.

Vocational, technical Stream: Highly motivated and academically qualified students may be admitted to a major that corresponds to the nature of the technical or vocational secondary school program.



Second: Students Holding a Foreign Secondary Certificate:

A. Students holding an American secondary degree (High School Diploma) or its equivalent (The International Baccalaureate (IB) :

•  Students should have completed 12 years of school upon obtaining the High School Certificate and be able to demonstrate proof.

•  Present a certified certification for secondary grades 10, 11 and 12.

•  The High School Certificate must be accepted by the government universities in the country from which the certificate was obtained and proof of this must be presented.

•   A minimum score of 500 on the International TOEFL (paper) is required or 173 on the International TOEFL (computer) or its equivalent of (5.5) on the IELTS test provided that the certificate is still in effect. A minimum score or (400) on the (SAT1) test is required (for students who have obtained their certificate inside Yemen).

•  The student's track (i.e. Literature or Science) shall be determined by what the student studied in 12th grade.

•  Students should have completed at least (6) courses successfully within at least four of the following study areas: Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, and Languages (with English as the language of instruction).

•  Study of the Arabic language and Islamic Education in grades 10, 11 and 12 following the Ministry of Education curriculum is required (for students who have obtained their certificates in Yemen).


B. Students who have obtained a British Secondary Certificate (IGCSE, GCSE, GCE) or an Equivalent from Scotland or Northern Ireland:

Students who have studied according to the British system or its Scottish or Northern Irish equivalents inside Yemen or outside shall meet the following requirements.

·   Should have successfully completed (7) seven subjects of the (O level) in each of the following systems: GCSE/IGCSE, and IGCSE/GCSE; or should have completed (7) subjects of the (AS Level/A Level) in the GCE. In all these cases the student should have covered at least four of the following areas :( 1) Mathematics, (2) Languages, (3) Sciences, (4) Social Sciences and Humanities, and (5) Art and Design.

·   The minimum grade requirements of the students in the British system or equivalent are as follows: A minimum of (C) in the subjects of the (O level) of the IGCSE/GCSE; a minimum of (D) in the subjects of the (AS Level) of the GCE; a minimum of (E) in the subjects of the (A Level) of the GCE. However, these minimum requirements are not guarantee for admission, subject to minimum entry level for each specialization, competition among applicants, and interview requirement if applicable.


C. Students who completed their secondary education outside Yemen.

The following conditions apply. (1) In countries with two levels of secondary level certificates, the student should have completed the higher-level certificate, not the lower one. (2) The student should have graduated from a school licensed and accredited by the competent authorities in that country, and that he/she achieved a secondary level completion certificate qualifying him/her to join higher level education institutions in his/her country as prescribed by the competent authorities in that country. (3) Such student should have successfully passed at least six subjects at the secondary level completion, such subjects distributed over four areas covering at least the following areas: (1) Mathematics, (2) Sciences, (3) Social Sciences and Humanities, and (4) Languages. The student should have studied the English Language. The student’s English level should match the standardized admission test and he/she may have to take the relevant remedial course.


Admission on Probation

The University Council reserves the right to admit a student on probation (e.g., in special cases where the student may not have satisfied all the admission requirements). In such a case, the student must have an average of not less than 55%.  Additionally, for any given semester, the number of students admitted on probation may not exceed 15% of the total intake.

If a student is admitted on probation, he or she must register for four courses approved by his or her faculty advisor, and obtain a “C” grade or higher in each course.  Otherwise, the University reserves the right to cancel the student’s admission.

Applicants admitted on probation will sign an undertaking which articulates that the University is not responsible for their transfer to any other university or institution.


Postponing Admission

1. Admitted students should enroll at the beginning of every semester according to the registration schedule mentioned in the University’s academic calendar.

2. New Students may request a hold on their admission for a maximum of one or two semesters provided they fulfill the following conditions:

o Have a legitimate reason to request the postponement. 

o Process their request for postponement within a maximum of four weeks after the beginning of the semester.

o Pay the tuition and fees for the semester in which they were accepted.

o Students will be notified by their colleges concerning their request for postponement.

3. Students who do not enroll for the semester in which they were admitted or do not process a request for postponement of  admission will be denied admission to the University.



To be readmitted to the University, students who have been out of attendance with the University for one year or more must apply through the Admission’s Office. The following categories are available:

  • Former Students in Good Standing: Emirates International University students who have been out of college for one year or more must apply for readmission before they will be permitted to register.
  • Students Suspended from Emirates International University: Students who have been suspended from Emirates International  University must apply for readmission and may be readmitted under probation after serving suspension.  However, students may appeal to the Provost for readmission under certain mitigating circumstances to avoid suspension.  

Emirates International University Transient Students: Upon receipt of an official transcript, EIU students who have attended another college as a transient may reenter the University via the readmission process if they had permission from EIU to attend the other college as a transient and if their records there are clear. If permission is not secured before entering the other college, they will have to re-enter EIU as transfer students.

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