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Fee & Special Discounts

Payment of Fees

Students applying for admission must ensure that all documents required are complete before registration begins.


Students cannot defer fee payments except:

  • Submitting a letter that explains the reasons why the student is unable to pay the full fees of registration. This letter must be submitted before or within the registration period.
  • The student receives an approval letter signed by a university official stating the new schedule of payment.

Payment Option


Full Payment

All tuition fees must be paid on the registration day, which student pays the tuition fees in full upon finalizing of the registration process.


Deferred Payment Scheme

If students decide to take part in the Deferred Payment Scheme, (DPS) they are required to pay twenty five (25) percent of their tuition fees on the completion of their registration. This includes the enrollment deposit for those students who have been recently admitted. The remaining seventy five (75) percent is paid over a three-month period.  Each payment is made on, or before, the third of each month (following the month of registration).


Late Fees and Fines

Late fee and fine include late book returns, breakage/replacement charges and late tuition fee payment. Both EIU students and employees must adhere to the rules, regulation and deadlines concerning these.


Refund Policies


Refunds on Withdrawals

Those who pay tuition fees for any term and then later withdraw their registration in the Registrar’s office before the first day of the semester as is mentioned in the Academic Calendar are at liberty to expect a complete refund of tuition fees. After classes begin, students who withdraw formally from EIU may only be permitted a partial refund of tuition fees.  This refund is founded on withdrawal date.  A withdrawal application must be sent to the Registrar's office. Pending the application, the withdrawal is not considered official until all processes have been completed. Notice of withdrawals must be in writing, and it’s effective only from the date on which they are accepted by the registrar’s office. EIU keeps to itself the right to debit the refund from any student’s outstanding debts due to the institution. Refunds are made only in agreement with this schedule:

Withdrawal from the University.






Withdrawal from the University
One week before the first day of classes
100% excluding the seat reservation deposit of new students
Before the end of the first week of classes
100% excluding non-refundable deposits
During the second week of classes
During the third week of classes
After the third week of classes
*Refunds for summer session withdrawals are prorated.


Refund Policies

Students will be charged at the standard rate for the number of credits used. Once they have made a complete payment in advance, then only they will officially withdraw from a course at EIU.

When students postpone their admission date to the following semester or withdraw from the program their fees credit will be forwarded to the same semester.  Fee refunds will only be made to those who end their course at EIU with an expectation that they will not register for courses again in the future.

The schedule for refund relates to tuition for courses that are credited or audited, and the Intensive English Language program. The Student Services and Activities Fee, the Application Fee and special charges in particular circumstances are not refundable.



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