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Management team

The Authorities of Emirates International University (hereinafter referred to as "the University") shall be the following:


·     The Board of Trustees

·     The President

·     The University Council


The Board of Trustees consists according to Law of the Private Universities No. 13 of 2005.


Board of Trustees (BOT)

The Board of trustees is responsible for the government, management and control of the University and of its work, affairs and business, and of its property and revenues.

The Board exercises the final authority in government of the University within the limits of the Constitution and the laws of Yemen.


Chancellor and Chair of the Board of Trustees

The Chancellor shall preside over all meetings of the Board of Trustees. The Chancellor shall ensure that the Board's Bylaws and established rules are followed. The Chancellor shall represent the Board as appropriate in various public relations functions.  Further, presides all ceremonial occasion of the University.


Secretary to the board of trustees

The Secretary to the Board shall prepare the agenda for Board meetings and shall assist in scheduling Board and committee meetings, and preparing and mailing meeting notices. He/she shall keep accurate record of the proceedings of the meetings of the Board and of committees and shall be responsible for maintaining the Bylaws and the Policy Manual of the Board, for distributing and indexing the minutes, and for researching and retrieving Board actions.


University Council

University Council is the policy-making body of EIU that addresses itself to campus issues. These issues include all Colleges, students' affairs, most issues that fall under the responsibility of the central administration, and all areas under the jurisdiction of any University Council.



The University Council shall have as its chair and presiding officer, the President of the University. The Provost/ Head of Academic Affairs shall serve as vice chair. The chair shall appoint a secretary during the spring semester, and may appoint other officers to perform specific assignments deemed necessary by the membership.


The President

The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the University. He is responsible to the Board of Trustees for administering the educational and business policies of the University and for securing and preserving the assets of the institution. He is the official channel for communication between the Board of Trustees and the faculty, staff and students of the University. 


Vice President of Academic affairs

The Provost is the chief academic officer of the University charged with providing vigorous, dynamic leadership and overall direction for the instructional and research programs of the University and being responsible for all aspects of the academic mission.

Secretary General (Vice President of Administrative and Financial Affairs)

He/She is directly responsible for physical facilities, accounting, budgets, financial analysis, General services, campus security, audits, and Marketing and public relations.


College Deans

The Academic Dean is responsible for the management and leadership of the College and works closely with the PROVOST, other management team members, and other deans to facilitate the achievement of University goals. The dean will assure delivery of quality degree programs at all levels by qualified faculty.


Department Chair

The department chairperson is responsible to the College Dean in the general areas of program maintenance, development, and improvement, Academic Staff supervision, department coordination, and integration of his / her discipline into a total department program.


The Registrar

The Registrar shall provide a variety of diverse services and shall be responsible to the Head of Academic affairs for the general administrative leadership and coordination of services designed to support students in achieving success in their educational endeavors and in their individual, personal development. The office of the registrar is responsible for the catalog, academic schedule, and final examination schedule; the registration of students; the recording, certification, and maintenance of all student records; the processing of the student evaluation of faculty; and the compilation of statistical data from these records.


University Librarian

The Library has a vital function at the University. It is a ma jo r aid to Faculty, Students and the University Community as a whole. The Head of Academic Affairs has ultimate responsibility for the operation and management of the Library. He delegates all his responsibilities either to the University Librarian who is responsible for the planning, organizing, and managing the daily operations of the Library.


Dean of Students Affairs

The student affairs office is responsible for the quality of undergraduate student life beyond the classroom and for working with students to improve it. Extracurricular activities and residence life at the university are intended to complement and enhance the student's academic experiences; student services provide a wide range of programs and services toward that end.


Director of Continuing Education

The Director of Continuing Education Office shall be responsible for planning, marketing and managing tailor-made continuing education courses, training workshops and programs for the community. The Continuing Education serves as an outreach entity for the University by providing support to its mission.


Director of Institutional Research and Planning

a.The Director of Institutional research and planning shall be responsible to the President for the planning and assessment process.The Director shall provide appropriate support to the planning and assessment effort of the university and conducts research on issues that impacts the goals of the university. To coordinate the planning effort by collecting assessment data, distributing it to appropriate units, assisting in identifying assessment instruments, as well as developing and maintaining the university's statistical profile.

Director of Control and Internal Auditing

This position is responsible for controlling, planning, performing operational, financial and compliance audits of the University's policies and standards.The Director of Control & Internal Audit goal is to confirm that internal practices not only comply with professional standards, but also are consistent with enterprise wide risk management practices as well as best business practices.


Manager of Financial Department

The primary function of the Finance Manager shall be to serve as the Chief Financial Officer. The Finance Manager shall report to the Head of Administrative and Financial Affairs. He/she is responsible for financial reporting, budgeting, investment management, and debt management. The Finance Manager shall also establish and maintain relationships with financial institutions, and serve as liaison with all committees on finance, investments, and audits.


Manager of Information Technology Department

The Manger of the Information Technology shall be responsible to the Head of Administrative and Financial Affairs for the general Information Technology functions of EIU. As the chief Information officer, he/she shall manage the central elements of Information Technology, including administrative and academic computing, networking, telecommunications, computing laboratories and customer support services. 


Manager of Human Resources Department

The primary function of the Manager of Human Resources Department shall be to serve as an advisor to the Head of Administrative and Financial Affairs on all human resource issues and payroll matters. The Manager of Human Resources Department shall be responsible for the development and implementation of the university personnel policies, procedures, and work standards.


General Services Department Manager

The primary functions of the General Services Manager shall be the responsibility for planning, implementing, supervising, and evaluating EIU services including facilities and material management; safety and security; Building and facilities maintenance and all construction projects. He/she shall report to the Head of Administrative and Financial Affairs.


Public Relations and Marketing Department Manager

The Public Relations and Marketing Manager shall be responsible for planning, organizing, and managing programs which enhance the flow of communications between EIU and those with whom it has dealings. He/She shall be responsible for EIU’s media, community and internal relations, and special events. The Director of Public Relations shall report to the Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs.


Legal Counselor

The Legal Counselor shall take charge of the Legal Department of the EIU and he shall be responsible to provide expert advice and legal assistance in regard to all matters and he shall handle the entire legal affairs, actions and proceedings including administrative, executive, civil, criminal and all official and non-official matters for and on behalf of EIU and to protect the legal interests and rights of the EIU.

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